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The Caledonian Buddha

Updated: Apr 29, 2021

So this has been a very strange experience. Having said I would never do a composite portrait again, let alone with smiles, let alone with four kids born in three different decades (therefore with photos wildly differing in quality), I find myself doing exactly that but with the additional complication of a Buddha family theme. Jim as Buddha at his current age, with Connie, Rory, Catriona and Ishbel (all at the happy pre-teen age) surrounding him showing joy and animation. Big generous ears and tum and swathes of golden cloth together with additional nods to Jim's big personality. I have found myself looking back to our coffee last summer wondering why on earth I agreed to this. But look. Six months on (or maybe nine) I have a nearly finished piece. There are, indeed, five happy and contented smiles on this piece of work. There are five animated and more-or-less believable figures and there is a lot of joy and fun in this piece. And, apart from one or two moments, I have really enjoyed the challenge. I probably still have a lot to do but at the moment I am just sitting with it and enjoying it. I would love to hear your feedback and know if any of you have done something similar.

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